A year ago I predicted that Bitcoin will reach $12K! Is it still possible?

In fact, it will continue you to go down in 2023 and I foresee it go down to $12K

Looking at the trend of BTC and how its moving down, I can tell you that it will not go up any time soon! In fact, it will continue you to go down in 2023 and I foresee it go down to $12K however, at this level it will face major resistance and depends how it recovers from this resistance we see. Its a matter of time, at the end of the day once it reaches that level and it doesn’t recover quickly, I predict it to continue to decline to $10K, furthermore if that happens and you are willing to invest that will be the perfect time to do so.

The only issue investors will face that if Bitcoin does not recover from that fall quickly and it could further decline to $8K. Personally I don’t see it going down more than $8K because there will be banking events that will happen at that time which will give BTC the power to climb up again. If you ask me when will that happen? I will tell you I don’t know but it will happen, keep an eye on what will happen to the banks and your money importantly in the near future.

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